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Index of Handouts

*If a session presentation is not online, unfortunately it was not submitted by the speaker and is not available.

C-2: Applying Optimization Methods in Ratemaking
David Cummings, Rene Villalobos, David Cummings
  • Cummings - Optimization in Insurance.pdf (728.3 kB)
  • CAS_Present_villalobos.pdf (313.5 kB)
  • C-4: Avoiding Litigation and Disciplinary Risk
    Michael Toothman, Ronald Lepinskas, Michael Toothman
  • CAS Spring Mtg 2012 Discipline Risk.pdf (1.4 MB)
  • Handout - 3 up.pdf (35.8 kB)
  • CAS Handouts.pdf (104.3 kB)
  • C-8: Complementing an Actuarial Review with a Claims Review
    Justin Brenden, Jim Kremer, Christine Lawson, Justin Brenden
  • C-8 Handout.pdf (160.4 kB)
  • C-9: Current State of the Reinsurance Market
    Brian Johnson, Steven Kelner, David Spiegler, Neal Schmidt
  • CAS Spring Meeting Presentation-052212pptx 2.pdf (595.8 kB)
  • C-11: Homeowners Insurance in the Lone Star State
    Karen Commons, James Murphy Jr., Robert Zeman, Kenneth Lovoy
  • CAS Presentation 2012 Phoenix - OPIC_Lovoy.pdf (320.5 kB)
  • Texas Homeowners Insurance.pdf (255.2 kB)
  • CAS presentation - Zeman.pdf (164.0 kB)
  • C-14: Math Education - Why Every Actuary Should Care About Kindergarten
    David Cummings, Maureen Hager, Kimberly Rimbey, Eileen Streu
  • Implications for Teaching.docx (150.3 kB)
  • C-16: Price Optimization vs. Actuarial Standards
    Jeffrey Kucera, Michael McPhail, Mary D. Miller, Chester Szczepanski
  • Optimization vs.pdf (24.6 kB)
  • C-17: Professional Standards regarding ERM
    Joseph A. Herbers, Kevin Madigan, Dave Ingram
  • Proposed ERM Actuarial Standards of Practice.pdf (205.1 kB)
  • C-21: Reports from Risk Based Capital Working Parties
    Allan Kaufman, Daniel Murphy, Christina Zhou
  • RBC May 21 2012.pdf (2.5 MB)
  • C-26: An Update on IFRS for Insurance
    Orin Linden, Steven Visner, Gareth Kennedy, Parr Schoolman, Marc Oberholtzer
  • IFRS Spring 2012 CAS Meeting - Final-v3.pdf (279.5 kB)
  • G-3: Determining the Impact of Climate Change on Insurance Risk and the Global Community
    Vijay Manghnani, Prof. Andrew J. Weaver, Mike Kreidler, Tanya Havlicek
  • G-3 Havlicek.pdf (550.2 kB)
  • P-1: Variance Paper and ARIA Prize Paper
    George Zanjani, Dumaria R. Tampubolon, Gary Venter
  • Zanjani 2012 CAS Final.pdf (208.4 kB)
  • Presentation - Dumaria.pdf (2.0 MB)
  • p3 robust gary.pdf (462.7 kB)
  • P-2: Variance Papers
    Carl Ashenbrenner, Greg Taylor, Shaun Wang, Jean-Philippe Boucher
  • Boucher-DGLM.pdf (416.6 kB)
  • Taylor_chain_ladder_correlations_v2_CAS.pdf (133.7 kB)
  • P-2 Wang Handout.pdf (861.4 kB)