Casualty Actuarial Society


Welcome to the CAS Interactive Program Guide. Here you can browse or search for sessions, speakers, and individual presentation topics scheduled for this meeting. This Program Guide is updated frequently and will reflect the most current schedule. A few weeks before the meeting begins, you will also be able to view all accepted abstracts and the content; please check back often for updates and new information.

The Create an Itinerary Tool allows you to create a log-in and develop your own schedule of events that you plan to attend, check it for conflicts, record notes, and download it all to your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). [If you download to your PDA, please wait until the day before travel to ensure you have the latest updates.]

The Create an Itinerary Tool is simply a planning tool, not a way to register for sessions. Entry into each session at the meeting is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no way to register to attend a specific session (workshops are the exception). If you wish to register for the entire meeting or for any workshops, please click here.

You may begin searching the program using any of the browse tools below.

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