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Call for Presentations

2014 Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting
November 09 - 12, 2014

2014 CAS Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting Call for Concurrent Session Content and Participants

The Casualty Actuarial Society invites you to be a part of the 2014 CAS Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting planning process. The Program Planning Committee is soliciting your submission of proposals for the upcoming Centennial Meeting, November 9 - 12, 2014, at the Hilton Midtown in New York City. We are expecting a significantly higher turnout than typical Annual Meetings.

The intent of the Centennial Meeting is to provide actuaries and other professionals an opportunity to stay up to date with topics relating to insurance and risk as well as fulfilling continuing education requirements and to celebrate the success of the CAS over the last 100 years.

The Program Planning Committee is issuing this Call to solicit ideas for professional content and identify outstanding speakers for the 2014 event. The Program Planning Committee wants your ideas for sessions that will deliver valuable content and will be engaging to attendees. Ideally, your suggestions will include the names of subject matter experts that are willing and able to participate at the Seminar.

The goal of the Program Planning Committee is to deliver this content in the most engaging way possible. Therefore, we encourage creativity in your session ideas and the way the session is organized and delivered. Those sessions that are designed to be very interactive, perhaps including small group discussions, individual or group exercises, real-world problem-solving, will be considered more highly than straight presentations.

Please submit your proposed session title, session description, speaker(s) and other requested information using the online submission process by March 17, 2014, by clicking the link below the submission instructions. A member of the Program Planning Committee will follow up with you sometime this spring. Please note that it is Program Planning Committee policy that sessions conform to educational content requirements and panelists on individual sessions are from a minimum of two different companies.

Online Submission Instructions & Guidelines

Sessions for the will be entered using the Online CAS submission process. Below are instructions and guidelines for the process. Please note, ALL session submissions must be completed by the online deadline of 11:59pm PDT on March 17, 2014.

There are 4 steps to the online submission process, each step must be completed before you can advance to the next step:

  1. Session Title

    Enter the Session Title, Submitter's Email Address, Session Format, Session Track/Category, and Calculator Rating (if applicable)
  2. Speaker(s)

    Provide the names and personal contact information of the Moderator and Panelist(s), who are associated with the session.

    A session may have the following people associated with it:
        * Moderator - Maximum of 1 per session
        * Panelist(s) - Maximum of 5 per session

    You may also enter the presentation title associated with a panelist. If you do not have a title, please enter your last name as a placeholder and you will be able to edit your title later.

  3. Session Description

    *Session Description must be 400 words or less.
    *No images, tables and/or figures are permitted
    *The only text styles allowed in the Session Description are bold and italic
    *The following file types may be uploaded:
    • plain text document (*.txt)
    • HTML document (*.htm)
    • HTML document (*.html)
    Or simply cut & paste the text from your document file.
  4. Confirmation

    Make sure the information on the "Confirmation" page is correct. In addition, receipt of the Confirmation page does not guarantee that the submission was completed correctly, or free of errors. If necessary, changes can be made to the submission between now and the online deadline. Please note, the online system does not send an email confirmation upon completing the online submission process.

Begin a submission to the following:

Presentation Submission Deadline 11:59pm: March 17, 2014