Casualty Actuarial Society

Index of Handouts

*If a session presentation is not online, unfortunately it was not submitted by the speaker and is not available. Please check back later for any updates.

BAS-2: Basic Track II: Comparison of Techniques
Marc Oberholtzer, Kurt Johnson
  • CLRS_Basic_Track_II.pdf (3.0 MB)
  • CP-1: Call Paper Program Session 1: No reality please, we're actuaries
    Derek Jones, Eric J. Wunder, Jessica (Weng Kah) Leong, Shaun Wang, Han Chen, Susan Forray
  • 2012 09 06 Back-Testing the ODP Bootstrap of the Paid Chain-Ladder_Leong.pdf (2.8 MB)
  • CP-1-Wunder.pdf (552.9 kB)
  • FR-2: Practice Note: Executive Summary and Preview of Changes
    Justin Brenden, Paul Struzzieri, David Heppen
  • CLRS FR-2 Practice Note Final.pdf (650.9 kB)
  • FR-5: An Update on IFRS for Insurance
    Steven Visner, Gareth Kennedy, Orin Linden, Marc Oberholtzer, Parr Schoolman
  • An Update on IFRS for Insurance_CLRS.pdf (288.7 kB)
  • FR-7: Reserve Disclosures -- From the Outside Looking In
    Mark Littmann, Smitesh Davé, Julia Ferguson, Andrea Selvaraja
  • CLRS 2012 FR-7 External Disclosures.pdf (629.7 kB)
  • FR-9: IRS Audit Activity - The IRS is Knocking - Are You Ready?
    Lise Hasegawa, Travis J. Grulkowski, Daniel Buttke
  • IRS Audit Activity CLRS 9_2012.pdf (1.4 MB)
  • GS-1: Glory Days - How Loss Reserving has Evolved
    Edward C. Stone, Robert Conger, Richard Lino, Patricia A. Teufel
  • CLRS 2012 General Session 1 (Lino).pdf (230.9 kB)
  • HC-3: M&A in MPL: What Does It All Mean?
    Peter Rauner, Jeffrey Donaldson, James M. Anderson
  • CLRS 2012 HC-3 MedMal M&A-Anderson.pdf (567.9 kB)
  • CLRS 2012 HC-3 MedMal M&A-Donaldson.pdf (226.3 kB)
  • INT-3: Intermediate Track III - Case Study
    Christopher T. Andersen, Nancy Arico
  • CLRS_INT_Track_III.pdf (144.4 kB)
  • LOB-1: Current Issues with Asbestos
    Jennifer Biggs, Brad Drew, Steven C. Lin
  • 20120907 CLRS asbestos - Handout.pdf (255.9 kB)
  • LOB-9: No-Fault: Concept vs. Reality
    Allan Neis, Mark Wenger, Jennifer Kubit, Iva Yuan
  • Florida No-Fault Law Reform.pdf (120.6 kB)
  • 2012 CLRS New York No Fault handouts.pdf (321.1 kB)
  • CLRS 2012 Michigan.pdf (159.0 kB)
  • PD-3: ASOPs that Affect Reserving
    Paul Struzzieri, Alejandra Nolibos, N. Terry Godbold
  • 2012 CLRS Reserving ASOPs 1323203821 and 41.pdf (1.6 MB)
  • PD-3-Reserving ASOPs_Godbold.pdf (1.6 MB)
  • PD-5: Subpoenaed! How NOT to Handle a Deposition
    Deborah King, R. Timothy Muth, Michael Toothman, Charles F. Cook
  • Mock Deposition Background Story.pdf (108.5 kB)
  • R-3: Reinsurance and the Underwriting Cycle
    David Mohrman, Christopher Bozman, Gary Blumsohn
  • CLRS 2012 (Blumsohn).pdf (68.6 kB)
  • SI-2: Captive Basics and Trends for Casualty Actuaries
    Kyle Mrotek, Paul Boatman, Ellen Charnley, Kevin J. Kelley
  • Vail Captive Usage .pdf (2.6 MB)
  • K.Kelley 9.6.2012 handouts.pdf (22.5 kB)
  • Actuarial Conference Captive 101.pdf (88.1 kB)
  • Antitrust Slide_w.pdf (55.4 kB)
  • SI-3: Captive Insurance Regulations and Reserve Certification
    Peter Rauner, Ross Elliott, Steve Kinion, Stephanie Lefkowski
  • CLRS 2012 SI-3 Captive Regs & Reserve Cert.pdf (110.4 kB)
  • ST-4: M&A Due Diligence: An Actuary's Role
    Thomas Toce, Nicholas Pastor, Thomas Toce, Bruce D. Fell
  • 2012_CLRSPresentation_Final.pdf (350.7 kB)
  • VR-5: Reserve Distributions --> Range of Reasonable Estimate --> What Number do I Book?
    Robert Wolf, Scott Weinstein, Anthony Martella, Glenn Meyers
  • clrs2012_whattobook(rfw).pdf (4.1 MB)
  • VR-7: Dynamic Risk Modeling - Pricing and Reserving
    Robert Bear, Christopher Diamantoukos, Alp Can
  • Chapter6.doc (176.0 kB)
  • Chapter7.doc (396.0 kB)
  • CLRS_Dynamic Risk_Bear.pdf (127.6 kB)
  • CLRS_Dynamic Risk_Can.pdf (185.3 kB)
  • CLRS_Dynamic Risk_Diamantoukos.pdf (686.3 kB)
  • Workshop-2: Part IV- Extreme Development Techniques
    Christopher Diamantoukos, Justin Brenden, Justin Brenden
  • CLRS Extreme Dev Tech - WORKSHOP.pdf (574.5 kB)
  • Extreme Development - For Participants.xlsx (163.9 kB)